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According to the quality standard agreed upon both parties,please the buyer unpack and use the products immediately after receiving the goods.If the buyer have any queries for the goods please present to the seller with 7 days.

The seller,offering the non-water-tight indoor lighting lamps,will not bear the responsibility due to the mal-operation by the buyer;While for the non-artificial quality problem,the seller will assure 2 years warranty since the date of delivery from the seller’s factory(working within 16H/day,and using in the environment temperature from - 20 ℃ to 45 ℃),Please make sure that the lamp is used in ventilated places,and can not be installed in the same wire with the large machines.

If arising the quality problem within 3 months,the seller will offer free maintenance and bear one-way courier charge(courier charge of the goods from seller’s factory to the purchasing address offered by the buyer);If arising the quality problem without 3 months,the seller will offer free maintenance but no other extra expenses.

The seller will not offer the after-sale services for the samples.

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